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Today at Terrafugia: Testing the Rotax 912iS Engine

Today at Terrafugia: Testing the Rotax 912iS Engine

One of the most significant upgrades between our working Transition® prototype D2 and the conforming prototype we are currently developing is the engine. While the previous prototype used the Rotax 912ULS, the final prototype and production models will use the more advanced fuel-injected 912iS variety.

In addition to providing greater fuel efficiency in both flight and drive modes, this upgraded engine will also yield improved performance and stability at altitude, as a result of its fuel injection technology. The Rotax 912iS is a trusted, widely-used engine, known for its durability and reliability. By incorporating the 912iS in the Transition®, Terrafugia is joining the ranks of our peers such as Icon Aircraft, Flight Design, and Pipistrel, all of whom use the Rotax 912iS in their Light Sport Aircraft products.

In preparation for integrating this updated engine into our conforming prototype, our engineers are conducting a series of comprehensive tests to determine various properties and parameters of the Rotax 912iS engine. In addition, we have been using the Rotax engine test setup to analyze various systems connected to the engine. For example, in the photos below, our engineers are testing the radiator subsystem to ensure that temperature levels remain within acceptable ranges.

Today at Terrafugia: Testing the Rotax 912iS Engine  Today at Terrafugia: Testing the Rotax 912iS Engine
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