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Unbabel Nominated For Two Portugal Startups Up Awards


We have exciting news—we’ve been nominated for two Portugal Startups Up Awards: Startup Founder of the Year, for our awesome CEO Vasco Pedro; and B2B Startup of the Year.

We’re flattered to be nominated alongside these other awesome Portuguese startups. We are all working together to make the Portuguese startup scene bigger and better, to support new and upcoming companies, and to create an ecosystem where we will all thrive together.

We are so happy to be a part of that movement, and these awards represent our progress as a country in the tech world.

While we work on the Unbabel product our editors are doing the real work—the translation. We would not be here without them. Their top-notch quality translations are the backbone of our product, and the reason that we continue to help our customers grow internationally, small and big alike.

So thank you to our editors! These nominations aren’t just for those of us sitting in the Unbabel office. They are for everyone on the Unbabel team, everyone whose hard work has made all of this possible. They are a recognition of the excellence of our editors.

And of course, we are so proud of our CEO Vasco for being nominated for Founder of the Year. His leadership spurs us all forward into continued success, and we are lucky to have him!

To support our editors’, Vasco’s, and the entire Unbabel team’s hard work, please vote for us!

Vote: Startup Founder of the Year

Vote: B2B Startup of the Year


The Unbabel Team


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