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New releases: Lab notes improvements, video guide, and more

Hello friends,

We’ve just unrolled a bunch of new updates that we’re happy to share.

The first and most important one is that after hearing back from lots of researchers, we’ve improved the performance of our lab note creator. Researchers and project creators who were experiencing trouble with the lab note editor will find that it’s much more reliable now. We’ve taken care of some of the most common errors in the backend, and we’ll be closely monitoring for any other new errors that pop up. We know how important it is to be able to upload images quickly, so we’ll be continuing to pay attention to this.

As well, we’ve rolled out a new update to our aggregated lab notes page. We’ve reskinned it and added new featured labnotes that will be hand picked by us, to showcase the best science on the site. As well, if you’ve backed projects then you’ll be able to see updates from your projects there. This page will likely be changing and improving more in the future, so we’d love to hear from people what can be improved.

Lastly, we’ve improved our researcher guide in a few new ways. First, we’ve added a project introduction right before creating a project. Our hope is that this will help introduce important concepts before diving into creating a project. As well, we’ve improved the section of our guide on how to produce a project video, with storyboards and useful examples.