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Box Design Tips

Pakible: Custom packaging made easy Here is a deeper explanation about the key points I talk about in the video: 1. High contrast: the bold black letters against the white background ensures legibility. The value difference between your background and graphics should be substantially different. This means one color is darker than the other or one color is brighter and the other is dull. 2. Limited color scheme: in many cases using fewer colors adds clarity to your design. By using fewer colors your design will be more visually cohesive. 3. Fun marketing icons: adding visual aids and pictographs makes your design more engaging. Images communicate more quickly than words, so using a unified set of icons like Sneaker Box Co will entice your customers. 4. Bright colors: using vivid colors makes your box eye catching and memorable. Think of all the brown and white boxes you receive at your home, imagine if you received a purple or red one. 5. Double sided printing: if it’s within your budget, is always a fun surprise for your customers and a great way to complete your brand. The sophistication of how products are packaged speaks to the care that the company has put into the merchandise. Design your custom box now at!