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Pakible Q&A: Making the most out of your boxes

Alright I have to admit, I was creeping through Pakible’s social media messages the other day, but I promise it was for a good cause!

As part of the Creative Team at Pakible, I’m responsible for crunching out the content you actually care about. So, I decided to take to social to see what's been troubling our customers the most. After sifting through dozens of tweets and comments I'm pulling the most commonly asked questions we received over the last 3 months and putting them on blast right now to help clear the air.

For a full list of commonly asked questions, head over to Pakible’s Q&A page


Do you offer double-sided printing?

Typically we only offer single-sided printing, which allows you to print anywhere on the outside of your box with as little as 10 units. We can do double-sided printing, (inside the box) as a custom request, but it does require a minimum unit order.

Can I get two different box designs in one custom order?

Yes you can! Keep in mind, the total cost per box will go up a tad if you split the order 50/50, but you can certainly do this.

What is the $5 box deal?

The $5 box deal is an easy way for everyone to try us out. We'll make you a custom branded box for just $5 dollars and ship it to you for free!

Yup, you heard right. For free.


Our $5 box deal is the easiest way to see what your custom packaging will look like without breaking the bank.

Keep in mind, we don't make any money by offering this deal, so it's limited to your first order only. No hard feelings. 


Can I use the $5 box deal on any box style?

Any box your little heart desires.


Do you ship internationally?

We're currently looking into adding international shipping. If you want to be one of the first to know when this happens, sign up for our international interest list: International Signup.


What resolution should my logo be when uploading?

For best results, upload logos and graphics with at least 300 dpi (dots per inch)... or suffer the consequences.


Well, that’s all the questions for now, don’t see your’s on the list?


I’m kidding of course. You know the entire team at Pakible (myself included) is committed to making your branding dreams come true, so don’t be shy!

Feel free to send your question(s) to our dedicated team of packaging pros at [email protected].

- Kris