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Should Journalists be On Social Media?

Yes, it is important for journalists to be on social media, and news organizations should strongly encourage their staff to oblige.

Few publications require their staff writers to use social media, relying on social media editors and marketers to distribute content. Really though, the success of the organization falls on everybody’s shoulders and that includes content distribution and readership.

I am constantly surprised by the number of journalists I can’t find on social media, especially Twitter. It’s such a great way to build a personal brand, interact with readers, get feedback, and promote content.

Having individual social media accounts are personal and it’s tough for an organization to dictate which social media accounts are mandatory, not to mention the word “mandatory” is a quick way to turn off an employee.

Instead, a good alternative is to teach your employees how to use social media as a tool and get them excited about using it and contributing to the growth of the organization. Journalists don’t want to write content that goes unseen, so at the end of the day, them using social media for increased content distribution is a win for everybody.

Consider hiring a social media consultant to host a seminar once a month for your journalists to teach them best practices, how to use hashtags, how to easily schedule Tweets so it doesn’t take too much time, the importance of privacy settings, and more. Social is always changing and it’s a valuable tool for everyone in the media industry to use and understand.



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