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An update from Orange Fund company, Aptible: still needs your help!

This month is the same as last month: More than anything, we need engineering bandwidth to finish our go-to-market strategy in digital health.

What’s up at Aptible:

1. A sellable, sticky product in a market moving as fast as digital health makes for a very large opportunity.

  • Growth is strong, but we have a lot of work to do.

2. Feedback from our early customers:

  • Our product is market-best in terms of features and performance, and our customer support is phenomenal.

3. Financial Update:

  • Monthly recurring revenue is up 51.8%

4. Connect us with the top talent in your network!

Know someone who might be a great fit for one of these exciting opportunities?

- Platform Engineer

- Frontend Engineer

- Technical Account Manage

Thanks, and be well!