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Lab Notes are a big part of what makes Experiment special. We’ve invested in the visual design of each lab note, and today we’re proud to share with you the new lab notes.

We added a ‘Fund this Project’ button. We noticed that a lot of traffic is directed to lab notes and it was unclear that the project was fundraising. Now, if a project is fundraising it is clear that the visitor can back the project.

We added a Lab Notes timeline. Each individual lab note was stand alone. The timeline shows shows the progression of the research progress.

We have plans to transform how research is published online. We care a lot about making the research process open, so that we can all live in a world where anyone can be a scientist. After three years, we’re finally starting to take steps toward influencing how science is published online.

Take a look around starting with this example:

This is just the beginning.

You can follow our updates here: