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Who signs up for email lists?

At Privy, we help businesses grow their email list with website popups and landing pages.  As part of that, we provide businesses insight into who is signing up for their email list - social profiles, signups by source, and more. We had an opportunity to look across our entire database of over 2300 businesses using Privy to get a global snapshot of who exactly is signing up for email lists.  Here are the results of what we found:

list signups by gender.jpg

Most people who signup for an email list are female.  We found this number to be surprising, especially considering that in recent research, men and women are driving about equal activity in online commerce.  

25-34 year olds are most likely to be joining an email list.  This is not surprising, given that this generation was really the first one to grow up with email as the main tool of digital communication.  Younger folks are still signing up but tend to be more active on social media compared with email. Also not surprising, as you move up the age brackets towards older generations, the rate of email signup goes down.  An interesting future study would be to index this against overall internet usage to see who actually signs up more frequently given their time spent online.

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