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4 Tools that Will Finally Get You Organized



If there’s anything that can save your time (and sanity) in the workplace, it’s being organized. But reaching inbox zero and a checked off to-do list is a lot easier said than done – especially when your days are increasingly interrupted by emails and meetings.


It’s time to stop the madness.


The only way to get through the day with your to-do list intact is to stay organized amidst the constant interruptions guaranteed to come your way. Here are a few apps we love that can help:

Google Drive

Some people like to organize their work with folders in their email inbox, but I tend to find that I never read an email again once it’s filed in my inbox. However, folders in Google Drive are my life saver.


With Google Drive, you can create a folder for each of your projects and quickly find any documents, spreadsheets, or presentations associated with each one – even long after the project is complete. Google Drive will keep your computer’s documents folder and desktop clean (while saving your computer’s memory) and they’re accessible from your Google account. That means you’ll still have all of your information even if something happens to your computer – no flash drive needed.


I used to pride myself on never being late and never missing a meeting. But then I entered the professional world and my schedule became almost too crazy to keep track of. Without a solid calendar app, I could forget about even the most important meetings or events.


Sunrise is useful because it syncs up with your Google calendar and sends you reminders – but looks a lot nicer than Google calendar. Pleasing to the eye and easy to use, Sunrise is a great way to make sure you never miss a thing.


If procrastination is becoming your biggest enemy – or you have no idea how much time you spend on each of your projects – Toggl will become your best friend. Toggl allows you to categorize your projects and times you on each one. Just open the app, type in what you’re working on, press start, and don’t look at it again until you’re finished with your task. Suddenly you’ll have a much clearer view into what you really spend your time on.


Bonus: When using Toggl you’ll be a lot less likely to check Facebook or entertain impromptu conversations with coworkers. When you know that timer is running, you’ll want it to be an accurate reflection of how long it takes to do your work!


There is so much great content on the internet that any professional can commit to daily learning in their field. Problem is, how to organize it all and find time to actually read? Enter: Feedly.


With Feedly, you can finally unsubscribe to all of those email newsletters and subscribe to Feedly feeds instead. Your inbox will be clearer. You’ll be able to capture the same information and save articles for later. And, most importantly, when you open Feedly you can read without being distracted by incoming email.


Are you ready to get organized and take back your day? We’d love to hear how these tools work for you – and hear about some of your favorite apps for staying organized!