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Podcasts to Help You Power Through Your Workday



Productivity is a challenge that’s never going to go away. Even the most productive team members have days in which they just can’t seem to get their heads in the game. The difference between the ones who get through it and the ones that don’t is simple:

The most productive people are those that have found ways to power through low energy days.

There are a lot of ways to power through when you’re struggling, and they often come from tech tools. For example, things like adding Chrome extensions for better efficiency, using tools to get more organized, and using tools to help you conquer your inbox can help. But even beyond tools, finding ways to re-energize your brain can ignite more productivity.

Enter: Podcasts

Podcasts are fun to listen to and are often great avenues for learning new things. And if you’re in the middle of a task at work that is more tedious than thought-provoking, tuning in can help keep your brain engaged and maybe even spark some new ideas. Here are a few podcasts to try out if you need a little extra help powering through your workday:

This American Life

It seems like everyone loves This American Life – and for good reason. This podcast is one of the most popular out there and will be sure to make you chuckle, make you think, and take you outside of your current mindset.


In this podcast named after the bestselling book, you’ll learn “the hidden side of everything.” From healthcare to education to how we’re all a little weird, it seems like no interesting topic goes unturned. A guaranteed win for waking up your brain.


The go-to source for figuring just about anything out has a podcast to match. Give it a listen daily and enjoy hacking your life to become more efficient.


If motivation is what you need, Mixergy can bring it. These interviews with startup founders will help you understand the inner workings of some of the greatest names in tech – and help you apply lessons into your own work life for more growth and success.

The Accidental Creative

We often think of creativity as something that comes with a flash and a visit from a muse. However, creativity can and must be harnessed. Even if you don’t think you have the most creative of jobs, your work can benefit from this podcast’s practical advice to help you keep going in increasingly pressure-filled days.