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Friday Favorites: Flipping the Script

two different colored shoes

We all have those days or weeks when nothing seems to go right. Unfortunately, it’s way too easy to get caught up in the negative feelings and let them slow us down even more.


No more!


You have the power to flip the script on anything at work that’s bringing you down. Worried about your weaknesses? Turn them into strengths! Afraid you’ll never get through that epic pile of work? Crumble that stress barrier by creating a plan. No matter what’s holding you back at work, you have the power to break through. Here’s some advice to help!


3 Self-Limiting Behaviors That Hinder Your SuccessPeter Economy
Sometimes the only thing standing in the way of our success is…ourselves. See if any of these three behaviors are working their way into your life – you might be surprised!


Think of Your Goal as a Compass, Not An EndpointLifehacker
When we think of goals as endpoints, it can feel like we’re accomplishing nothing. But if we view them as a compass, we’ll understand the direction to go in and stay motivated along the way.


5 Simple Tools for Getting More Out of EmailMakeUseOf
Email can so often be the main reason we feel like we’re getting nothing done. These tools can help you optimize your email productivity so you can move on to the work you love to do.


6 Ways to Turn Your Biggest Weaknesses Into StrengthsThe Muse
We all have weaknesses – the trick is flipping the script on them so they don’t hold us back. You have the power to turn even your most frustrating weakness into your greatest strength!


How to Put an End to Workload ParalysisCrew
Sometimes there’s just too much work to do…and when that happens we can fall into a workload paralysis. Here’s a 4-step plan to break through the paralysis and get things done.