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Dillard Middle School’s Microbiome Adventures


This past weekend was the SciTech Triangle Expo at the North Carolina Science Museum, and the students of Dillard Middle School were on hand to teach attendees about the wonders of the microbiome.

Teacher Joann Blumenfeld wrote in to tell us all about it…

Dear Alexandra,

Last Saturday, my students were at SciTech Expo with their exhibit: ” The Ecosystems Within Us: The Microbiome”

It was a great success! 5342 people attended the event, up more than 1000 from last year.

Our exhibit included:

  • A display on the Micobiome
  • Make your own bacteria friend with modeling clay, includes basic parts of a bacteria and 3 major types of bacteria
  • Make a bacteria habitat for your friend (based on a part of your body)
  • Asexual Bacterial Reproduction Race: see if you can beat a bacteria reproducing. Here we taught about asexual reproduction, conjugation, different rates/conditions at which bacteria multiply, and why they stop multiplying
  • Hand washing: how well can you wash your hands? Using Glo germs, we also discussed different bacteria on your left and right hand, and the difference between soap and antibacterial gel.
  • Bacteria Soup: we discussed major points about bacteria and the volume of bacteria in your body, sung by one of my students!
  • Bacteria has culture: we had stereomicroscopes to view cultures we grew in different situations, i.e. mint versus fruit gum, with soap and without, different locations in our body
  • uBiome: we taught about how you can have your bacteria profiled through this company and showed the results from a teacher’s sample.
  • Did you know? Different facts about the microbiome: Questions and Answers


I am proud of the kids and all we learned on this topic! We also taught 200 2nd graders from Dillard Drive Elementary School 15 different science activities at a Science Fair at our school. Thanks for the two free kits, uBiome T-shirts and all your time and help!! We deeply appreciate it!

The kids even wore their uBiome shirts to school on Monday, they were so proud.

All the best,

Thanks so much, Joann and Dillard Middle School. We salute your creativity, dedication, and bacterial education efforts. Keep up the inspiring work!

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