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Two Tap

Say Goodbye to Abandoned Shopping Carts for Good

Today’s digital consumer is connected like never before. On any given minute, they are interacting on multiple devices and showing intent by clicking, sharing and posting. For retailers, this presents both an opportunity and challenge, especially considering most shoppers now spend most of their time in discovery apps.

The greatest “currency” for a retailer other than completed transactions is loyalty to their brand. If false information such as the availability of a product is mis-communicated, or shipping information is incorrect this causes incredible frustration to the consumer. The last thing you want is to have a product become popular and then out of stock after shoppers get excited. Unfortunately, this happens all the time.

eMarketer reports that Retail accounts for 22% of digital ad spend. The largest percentage followed by automotive, financial services and telecom.

Why waste valuable ad spend dollars on delivering false digital experiences for your consumer? If part of the product information is missing or incorrect not only are you wasting dollars, but are left with a pool of customers that will most likely associate negative experiences with your store brand.

If you are a retailer it’s time to realize that shoppers are interacting with your products outside of your e-commerce platform most of the time. Not being able to deliver relevant and trustworthy information about these products, and most importantly real-time availability is a bad experience to shoppers, especially if they became excited before trying to buy. You can no longer afford to let your customers down.

Here is a classic scenario:

Consumer spots the perfect pair of blue shoes for the big day in an app. Score! Wait, what? the product is unavailable? Bummer!

Challenge Retailers need to reach their consumer at the right time, on the right device, the right channel AND with real-time product information. Retailers can no longer afford to lose valuable transactions due to unreliable product information and often at times simply the connection of information being broken.

Solution Suggest to your partners, publishers, affiliates and app developers to start using the Two Tap API that delivers real-time info on the products added to a cart by shoppers. By having real-time information about products app developers can always build the best experience and make sure that the shoppers are always in the know about products.

By using Two Tap’s API publishers and retailers alike can forget synching product catalogs or 3rd Party Order Management systems.

Source: eMarketer US Digital Ad Spending Share by Industry 2015 March 2015