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4 Ways to Go-Green with Your Packaging

At Pakible, we're always on the lookout for innovative packaging designs and today we’re looking at some unique concepts that not only make these products stand out from the competition, but do some good for the environment too. 


Meal prep-ers rejoice! This eco-friendly design by Gogol Mogol helps saves the trees and room in your fridge. This concept by KIAN is made from recycled cardboard and has a high-tech twist.

The multi-layer design houses a catalyst layer and "smart material" layer. When you pull apart the pod, these two layers react with each other and help cook the egg as you open the individual pod.

Yea… we we’re pretty amazed too.



Paperboy wine is toasting to the trees with this green packaging design.

Paperboy wine uses compresses recycled paper, all natural inks and an interior made from 100% recycled materials that keeps their wine fresh and flavorful. The bottles are even ice bucket safe for 3 hours and use 15% less energy to make than a standard wine bottle.



EBAY proves even big companies can adopt eco-friendly packaging into their brand image. Check out the boxes they created for a pilot program back in 2010. The concept? Give away 100,000 shipping boxes to eBay sellers in hopes they would reuse the boxes.

According to eBay, if each box was used at least 5 times, 4,000 trees, 2.4 million gallons of water and enough energy to power 49 homes for an entire year would be saved.

And who wouldn't want to save the planet, when you incorporate friendly illustrations and fun copy that include recycling tips within the packaging itself?

Way to reduce your carbon footprint eBay.



Nooka (a fashion company from New York) is known for their eco-friendly packaging, but they must of had a four leaf clover in their pocket when they came up with this innovative packaging design back in 2011.

Made from 100% biodegradable materials and free from the toxic chemicals typically found in glue, this packaging boasts sleek cutouts that not only add to the overall design but helps minimize material use.


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