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Print of the Week – Hank’s Face

This week we wanted to focus on artistic strength. SLA printers have the great ability of getting very detailed prints and exhibiting ‘up close’ details. To fully reflect the capacity of this technology there needs to be an equally terrific design to print.

Matt Hoover, from Matt Hoover Designs, sent us this file of Hank not too long ago and we were blown away. Hank, with his stern expression and detailed brow, is a great print to flex the power of this line of 3D Printers. Originally,  Matt created Hank as a render image, but then turned it into a nice STL file and hollowed it out to make for a better print.

Here is the original CAD render:

Hank Render

We had fun playing around and printing this guy in Black MS Resin on a Form1 with great success.

Detailed Hank Black MS Resin

We were also surprised how well it came out on our Makerbot with our Ruby PET+ filament.

Hank Ruby PET+

We’re always happy to see great creations like this. Definitely looking forward to the next creation from Matt!

If you have any STL files or prints you are proud of, send them in for the next Print of the Week at [email protected]!

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