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Instant PET+ Settings for MakerBot

You get a brand new roll of filament. Your STL file is killer and you are set to print. But then it happens:

Kirby Death

Pure. Printing. Chaos.

Why does this happen? Why have the printing gods cursed you? Is this some kind of karmic retribution for the wrongdoings of your past life? Whatever the reason for failures – it shouldn’t be for a lack of correct settings.

We have put together the most accurate settings to date, which is updated regularly here  (, and have even created profiles you can install directly.

To instantly make the profile for PET+ on your MakerWare, you can directly install it following the downloads and instructions below:

Download Settings for Windows (Step by step instructions are here)

Download Settings for Mac (Step by step instructions are here)

These settings have gotten us stellar prints off the MakerBot like the ones below: Black BuddhaBuddha:

Grey ThinkerThinker: 


Still having issues printing with PET+? Check out our support pages for common fixes:

Happy Printing!

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