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Announcing MadeSolid’s Tough Resin

Today we are happy to announce the development of MadeSolid’s Tough Resin. This new 3D printable material is designed to withstand the structural demands of functional prototyping. We have created a resin which has greatly increased tensile, flexural, and impact strength.

Yellow Tough ResinOrange Tough Resin


The formula stems from the frustration of SLA prints breaking too easily and not meeting the durability required for functional parts. The new Tough Resin formula will enable functional 3d prints to survive in the wild better than other resins on the market.

The resin is ideal for gadgets, prototyping wearables, and creating parts that need to take some stress. Like all MadeSolid resins, it is compatible on a variety of SLA/DLP printers, including the Form1+ and B9 Creator.

Presales start now and expect to ship the end of August. Pre-order cost is 1L for $119.00. You can find it here:

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