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“From 1849 until almost now, this was the only bone ever...

“From 1849 until almost now, this was the only bone ever found, and it was found across the river in New Jersey. And then a couple of years ago, a guy came to us and he said, “Hey, I found this really weird bone. What do you think it is?” And my boss, Dave Parris at the museum, he took one look at it and he said, “That’s the outer half of a sea turtle humerus and I wonder if that would fit with the other bone.” Keep in mind Dave had not seen that bone in 25 years. He remembered the shape of this right there and he said, “I wonder if that would fit,” and we all laughed and we said, “Dave, that’s completely ridiculous. That would never ever happen. The chances of that happening are so phenomenally remote, it’s just absurd to talk about.” So I brought it here and it actually fits perfectly.”