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Monthly Update

One of our core values as an organization is transparency, so starting now we’ll be publicly sharing the monthly updates that we send out to our company investors, advisers, and supporters. It’s a regular snapshot on the health and growth of Experiment. 

A very brief update for the past two months. These were our two biggest months yet, with positive growth in new backers, pledge volume, and traffic.

Key Metrics:

- 346 total funded projects, $3.5M in total volume, $144k in June

- +21% traffic growth (april: 65k sessions, may: 87k, june: 92k)

- set new monthly high scores for revenue, projects funded, payments, payment volume, funding success rate, new users, and comments

- 46% project success rate


- currently rolling out a major release of a new design for project pages, increasing page performance by 5X with new backend

- ran a matching campaign meta-experiment that brought in $60.2k in one day

- conducted a survey to find that to date funded experiments have resulted in 18 peer-reviewed journal articles, 39 academic posters, and 52 talks at conferences

- added persistent and citeable DOI’s for all experiment pages


- universities are trying to come after us for using their logos

This Friday!

- we are hosting an emoji party to celebrate our recent $2M milestone, all in the area are invited! it is highly encouraged you wear an emoji costume.

Onward for science!