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World Tree

Together We Thrive - Measuring True Impact

on Dec 16 2021

It was famously written by Arthur Francisco Carmazzi, “Every action we take impacts the lives of others around us. The question is: Are you aware of your impacts?” 

We’ve always known that what we are doing at World Tree has a positive impact on people and the planet - but until now we had never fully quantified it. 

Every time we plant a tree, how much carbon does it sequester? The farmer that planted the tree, what does this mean for his/her land, his/her family and his/her future? What about jobs? Biodiversity? The impact on community and economy? 

Now, with our first ever impact report, we have answers to those questions. And some of them surprised even us. 

Download the 2021 Impact Report 

This impact report is an acknowledgment of all the people that have made World Tree possible: the investors, farmers, nurseries, and staff – those who have put their heart, their sweat and their dollars into World Tree’s vision and World Tree’s projects on the ground. 

Thank you for your contribution and for making all of this possible!  

Download the 2021 World Tree Impact Report here  

You can also check out our Impact Webinar - Together We Thrive below and see the difference we’re making for investors, farmers and the natural world. 

The Future Favors the Bold 

World Tree is an impact-first organization. Producing returns by finding solutions to the climate crisis, and the restoration of our soils and ecosystems, is not a sideline for us – it is our raison d’être.  

While we are encouraged by our accomplishments, we are also fully aware that they are not nearly enough. The scale of the issues we face call on us to raise our ambition. 

That’s where you come in. If you are moved to invest, re-invest or share our story please do so now! There is less than one week left in our 2021 investment and the more capital we raise the bigger difference we can make.