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bluShift Aerospace

Live Q&A session to be announced soon!

on Apr 20

Hey Everyone, 

First off, I wanted to thank all of you who have reserved and now have chosen to invest in bluShift! I feel a true sense of awe between now, with so many folks* keen on being a part of a different way of doing space launch, and way back on January 31st when our rugged team was busting their butts in -14F (-26C) weather to launch Stardust 1.0 to prove our team and biofuel can do it. 

I've had an opportunity to chat with many of you one-on-one and have had so many excellent questions... so, I may get in trouble for pre-announcing this but we are working behind the scenes to make a live, interactive Zoom Q&A session happen for sometime next week. And by "we", I actually mean Betta, Bonny, Lindsay & Seth. I get to do the fun part of talking with all of you. 

I encourage folks who have asked me questions to re-ask those questions again for everyone's benefit. I will do my best to provide a sincere answer to any question and only be cagey when the answer requires revealing proprietary technology or might run against a Federal regulation.

Stay tuned to for an exact date announcement and the ability to RSVP.

Thanks once again to all of you!

kind regards,


*Many of whom I know!