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Awaken Her

Clubhouse special event Film Investing and Equity Crowdfunding 101

on Apr 19

Thank you to our amazing investors and followers of AWAKEN HER. 

Thank you so much again for helping us reach the astounding milestone of over $150,000 and over 40 individual investors!! We are so humbled to have such a supportive fan base, audience, and following of this female-driven,  psychological thriller set in the plastic surgery world. 

We are doing things a bit different at AWAKEN HER.  You will notice our budget is much higher (yet still qualifies as a low budget film) than some of the other films raising money on Wefunder.  Don't let that scare you !!  Our plan is to hire a A-list talent for our lead.  We know that by securing this type of talent, it ensures us the best possible chance of making our investors whole but more importantly gives our investors an opportunity to make real money.  You will notice we have fewer investors, but the amount they are investing is much higher, this speaks volumes to the trust that investors are placing in our hands.  We know talent is the name of the game in this industry!!

We are thrilled to have access to some of the best casting folks in the industry and we can't wait to announce our lead, but we still need your help to make that happen.  

Come learn more about AWAKEN HER on the Clubhouse Panel event I (Kerri Lynn Miller), am hosting with fellow filmmaker/founder Desiree Staples (My Divorce Party) on Friday 4/23 at 1PM PST/4PM EST on "Film Investing and Equity Crowdfunding 101."

Specifically we'll touch on Equity Crowdfunding in the film space, the process of financing feature films & independent projects πŸŽ₯ from the campaign stage to pre-production, post-production and distribution, and provide insight behind the scenes on how a film is made! We'll also be taking questions from investors and attendees in the audience! So this panel is not to be missed!

This panel also features Wefunder founders & producers from some of the most previously successful film campaigns that raised above and beyond their goals!

What a πŸ‘ panel! Link is here:
 you on  πŸ‘‹πŸ» Clubhouse! If any followers/investors need a Clubhouse App invitation - just email me at I've got abut 10 invitations, so don't miss out. 

Thank you! 

-Kerri Lynn Miller, Brian David Cange, Gary Latham & The "AWAKEN HER," Team