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Pencilish Animation Studios


on Apr 19
Tom Bancroft is CEO of Pencilish Animation Studios INC and a 30 year vet of the Animation biz.

LATE last night I had one of those milestone moments you have only a handful of times in your life.  Okay, let's just keep this pertaining to business only (so I don't get in trouble from my wife and daughters)- in this case, Pencilish hit over 1 MILLION in investment raised!  

When we started this earlier this year, I just wasn't sure how many of you would "get" what we want to do with Pencilish- we are starting an animation revolution and offering you a chance to be a part of how new animation concepts get out into the world- AND OWN A PIECE OF THOSE CONCEPTS!  

This is just a mini update, but I didn't want this moment go buy without ALSO saying that last Thursday, we had our FIRST ADVISORY BOARD meeting virtually.  It was great to have all the members together for the first time!  It was a quick 2 hours too!  We discussed the first year budget, the longer term plans/ideas, and I pitched them 5 concepts for animated series to possibly launch with!  It was scary pitching these concepts to this group of industry heavy-weights but, man, did I get some great input!  Out of the five, I knew I wanted to narrow it down and three of them got a great response so I think those are the ones we are going to move forward with for this Phase 1 launch.  The other two will continue to get developed based on some awesome notes from the group.  

I can't, yet, talk about what the series are yet, but I hope to be able to do that soon.  We know how a lot of "lawyering" to do with writers, artists, creators, etc. to start moving forward on these projects as soon as this summer!  BUT, paperwork first, unfortunately.  I hope this will free me up to share some things with you all once we have that paperwork in place.  In the meantime, let's celebrate getting to this point!  And, here's our inaugural Advisory Board picture so you can see this good looking group (excluding those two bald guys)!  -Tom B. 

L-R- Aaron Blaise, Tom Bancroft, Steve McBeth, Tony Bancroft, Ming Na Wen, Jason Brown, Ash Greyson, and Christopher Joe

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