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James Bay Distillers

National Haiku Day at the distillery!

on Apr 18
Serial entrepreneur, experienced expat having worked in a dozen countries or more, now living an hour or so from the US/Canadian border.

We love holidays and any excuse for a day's field trip!   Today is coincidentally National Haiku Day!   

We're open 1-5pm today - drop by for a taste, cocktail or bottle and share your haiku with us?

Here's our fun try for today:

                  Whisky, gin, bottles
              Amontillado, bourbon
               And cognac barrels

We're not experts in haiku (or even part-time poets!) but we think that captures our "Blue Goose," "Green Goose," "Gintrigue" and the 2 types of barrels they are aged in. 


PS:  Just 12 days to go until this round closes,  Hope you'll join with us as co-owners!