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NYCE co-founder and Leo Messi score a BIG WIN (Spanish Super Bowl) 🚀

on Apr 18
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Quick note: NYCE co-founder Martin Braithwaite, Leo Messi and the rest of the FC Barcelona gang just scored a MAJOR WIN, picking up the Spanish version of the Super Bowl. 🏆

(Which is the biggest victory for any Danish/American soccer player in 25+ years.)

Without getting into too much sentimental detail, years ago he and I would dream of these moments when we could have a chance to impact people, do special things, reach goals. 🙏

With us coming from a small town of 3123+ people, the biggest accomplishment—per Wikipedia—is a local banker who ran a small branch. (Seriously.) But dreaming big anyway. ✨

That’s also why we try so hard to empower, inspire, share and just give back. Those are the biggest wins—when others realize they have more inside than they ever thought possible.

Go shoot him a note inside TRIBE here, he’s reading and watching. 🙏

Enjoy your weekend—and don’t be a stranger. This is my life 24/7: NYCE and our TRIBE. So drop a note. (And Martin too, please!)

- Philip