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Video is up! Watch the Ascender live at First Avenue, played by The 4onthefloor

on Apr 5

On April 4th, stompin’ blues root rock band The 4onthefloor took the stage at the iconic First Avenue venue.

Kai Brewster, lead guitarist, brought out a custom purple Ascender guitar model in honor of Prince. As you may know, First Avenue is famous for booking Prince in 1981—years later, it was even setting for the Purple Rain film (and fans began to think perhaps Prince owned the venue).

The full production show welcomed back a very limited audience as we approach the almost-post-pandemic normal—but lucky for the rest of us, First Avenue live-streamed the show on Youtube.

Watch starting at 01:03:55 to see the Ascender shine!

Kai's feedback after the show says it all:

I’m fairly particular about which guitars I use for which songs. They all have their own unique feel and sound. What’s exciting for me about the Ascender is that I can make it sound like just about anything! I could very confidently swap it for any guitar I play in a pinch and get the sound I’m looking for.

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