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Parknav® campaign is going public!

on Mar 21
Entrepreneur, Data Scientist, Educator

In light of our campaign’s amazing success to date, it’s time Parknav® gives the public a chance to be part of our journey.

We’d like to take this moment to thank friends and family for their incredible support, and to recap what the Parknav® mission is all about.

At Parknav®, we turn data collected from smart devices into actionable data that makes cities smarter and actually benefits the people—not just huge corporations.

Our first product made finding parking accurate and cost-effective, and possible on any street in 1000+ cities in North America and Europe.

 But finding parking is only the beginning of what our amazing AI technology can do.

As an investor, you will get a stake in all future applications of our technology. And trust me, we have big things coming down the pipeline this year.

I hope you’ll join us on our way to the top!

- Eyal, CEO & Founder at Parknav®