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When self-driving cars will be on the roads?

on Mar 4

Hey, superheroes!

Today our company HereYouGo at $29,001 with 49 investors and 230 potential investors on Wefunder. Outstanding!

I made a new video about Honda's plan to sell 100 cars with level 3 autonomy. Why it is important for us? Very simple. Because we can buy one of those cars and implement our business model with those cars. Our finance model relies on those technology improvements because they will help us to find a way to decrease expenses and increase sales. That is why we don't need to wait for fully self-driving cars (level 5) we can do it with today's level of autonomy (level 3). To answer one of the most popular questions "when self-driving cars will be on the roads?", I can say they are already here.

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