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Our Mayberry

Investor Update: Driving Growth

on Mar 4

New Additions to Our Platform to Accelerate Customer Acquisition

A key value proposition for businesses on our platform is our ability to amplify their presence on the web. Each time a nonprofit partners with a business, their products/services are featured in the nonprofit’s Our Mayberry store. This enables a business to reach hundreds or thousands of new customers each time they partner with a nonprofit, which they can do with a few mouse clicks.

As powerful as this value proposition is, we are focused on eliminating ANY reason for any nonprofit or business to join our platform. To that end, our tech rock stars are completing key new platform enhancements that will make it easier than ever for Our Mayberry to access new business and nonprofit customers and to streamline the onboarding process. This will help us dramatically increase revenues and result in many thousands of new products available to consumers, which will make the platform even more attractive to businesses, a virtuous cycle that will result in strong growth in company value. This work will be completed in the time frames noted below in parentheses.

  • White Label Nonprofit Marketplaces (Q1): This will enable nonprofits to incorporate an Our Mayberry marketplace into their existing websites, so they don’t need to send their supporters away from their site to Our Mayberry to shop and donate. This will make us even more attractive to, and dramatically reduce the friction in signing up, nonprofit customers, based on feedback we’ve received from nonprofits we’ve been recruiting.
  • WooCommerce Integration (Q1): WooCommerce is a WordPress website ecommerce plugin used by 4.5M+ businesses. With this integration, any WooCommerce user can, with a few mouse clicks, launch their entire ecommerce offerings on Our Mayberry, including support for products of multiple styles, colors, sizes, etc. This will help us gain exposure to a huge audience of potential customers, as well as simplify the onboarding process, which should accelerate adoption.
  • QuickBooks Integration (Q2): More than 5.6M businesses currently use QuickBooks for accounting, and a growing percentage use QuickBooks to invoice customers. This integration will enable businesses to get the benefits of Our Mayberry split payments transaction processing in a way that will also update their QuickBooks accounting records.
  • Patient/Client Private Portal (Q2): This functionality is an important component of our offering and will be used initially by our largest transactions processing customer to add additional transactions volume to the large amount per month they are currently processing. Beyond that, adding this capability will enable us to onboard many services businesses (e.g., healthcare providers and other professionals like interior designers) more easily as we will enable them to accept short term payments over time.