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One Biosciences, Inc.

One Biosciences Update from the CEO

on Mar 4

I am excited to update you on the progress we’ve made over the past 3 months at One Biosciences. In short, it has been a period of exciting refinement of the Company’s approach and focus, product development, and expansion of the management team. Moreover, we are on-track to launch Hive Wellness™, our whole person wellness platform in Q2!


We have advanced One Biosciences’ commitment to whole-person wellness by developing the Hive Wellness platform, focused on preventing chronic disease states. Chronic disease accounts for around 90% of all healthcare expenditure in the United States1 and is the primary driver of disability and death. With 75-90% of diseases related to stress2, left unchecked, these diseases become chronic; further motivating us to bring to market a modern and innovative solution to address this growing societal burden.

Across the nation, employers are contributing, on average, 82% for single coverage and 70% for family coverage costs.3 Because of the high costs and contribution requirements of traditional company-provided health insurance policies, many employers are taking a second look at their approach to managing these rising costs, adding to the existing market tailwinds.

COVID-19 has also exacerbated the level of stress individuals are experiencing, making our approach and platform even more timely. And as things look different moving forward as employers grapple with the economic and health upheaval sparked by an increase in chronic stress due to the pandemic, we believe that our refined focus on employers as our channel into the market will support our growth.


We have partnered with SAANS Health, a global AI-based Healthcare solutions company made up of a diverse team of problem solvers consisting of data scientists, engineers, product innovators, design thinkers, polymaths, and medical experts with a pioneering vision to redesign the future of healthcare.

With SAANS Health's ability to predict chronic disease onset and disease trajectory early, coupled with One Biosciences’ expertise and focus on reducing and managing all types of chronic stress, the partnership will allow us to make impactful change by minimizing the impact of disease progression, improving health outcomes, and staying ahead of the cost curve. By providing insights and actionable data to delay and even prevent chronic disease progression through artificial intelligence, we believe our focus on stress will revolutionize the way that chronic disease is managed.

The Hive Wellness platform will guide wellness behaviors and activities with personalized gamification and nudges to reduce stress and improve wellness, combined with a marketplace of evidence-based content, products, services, wellness coaches, and practitioners that align with the individual’s personalized care plan.

With COVID-19 accelerating the adoption and use of virtual health channels4​, we are placing an increased focus on speed to market and anticipate the launch of the Hive Wellness platform in Q2.


We continue to develop and grow our talented team of managers and advisors in order to advance the strategic initiatives of the company. We are pleased to announce the addition of the below team members that were carefully selected and that bring decades of relevant and disruptive industry and leadership experience, contributing to our joint success.

Rob Case joins the board, bringing 3+ decades of broad-based experience delivering revenue and EBITDA growth for large multi-national, private equity, and privately held companies across multiple healthcare disciplines. Rob has a passion for commercialization and go-to-market strategy and has driven $1B+ in sales for Johnson & Johnson Healthcare and has also led commercial operations with full P&L accountability for several business units with combined annual revenue of $250M+.

Dr. Ken Johnson, MD, MBA, FACC joins as Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Johnson is responsible for providing clinical oversight and ensuring that our platform offerings are efficacious and supported by evidence. Dr. Johnson is also charged with building out our Clinical Advisory Board (CAB). Dr. Johnson began his career as an interventional cardiologist and vascular medicine specialist in 2001. He was early to adopt the concept of chronic stress and systemic inflammation as a major cause of cardiac disease, cancer, premature aging, and a host of other chronic diseases. And authored the book “Understanding Microinflammation: The Common Link Between Aging, Cancer and Coronary Disease".

Casey Zanetti, MA joins the team as Vice President of Marketing. A senior-level marketing executive, Casey has close to 20 years of successful experience driving aggressive revenue growth for disruptive B2B organizations within healthcare. As a marketing leader, Casey’s main objectives are to increase brand awareness, establish thought leadership, generate a healthy sales pipeline, and support existing customer retention and growth. She makes her most significant impact on organizations scaling for rapid growth.

We are thrilled about our continued progress and excited to have you share in the journey toward success in helping people realize more fulfilling and healthier lives.

With gratitude,

Ty Burgess, MBA(HA), Founder & CEO

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