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Vyrill Inc.

Vyrill Competitor: Brandwatch is acquired for $450M

on Mar 3
Co-founder and CEO of, a google for video that empowers commerce for marketers and brands.

Last week, TechCrunch reported that Brandwatch, a social ‘conversation’ listening service was acquired for $450 Million by Cision, a global, cloud-based public relations firm.

For investors considering what the future looks like for AI-driven technology in the video analytics and marketing commerce space, this news is a good indicator that the future is bright for Vyrill.


Both companies are in the insights business but work with very different media.’ Brandwatch finds meaning in the billions of conversations happening online. Vyrill finds the meaning in millions (soon to be billions) of videos shared online.

Vyrill has a three-year lead on any other company applying machine learning to digital video on the Internet. The acquisition of Brandwatch is another significant sign that Vyrill is on the right track.

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