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Wind Harvest

Wind Harvest's investment closing has been postponed until March 4.

on Feb 22
President and co-founder of Wind Harvest.

Hi Investors and Friends,

We’ve decided to extend the closing date of round one of our investment raise to March 4. Wefunder wasn’t able to give its investors advanced notice about the close of our offering if we ended it on the 25th. Now they can.

All investments made on or before the 4th will be included in the offering on the existing terms of an 8% promissory note and 640 pro-rata shares in Wind Harvest per $100 invested..

When we reopen the offering later in the spring, the number of shares for promissory notes will be significantly less. This corresponds to the reduced risk as a consequence of our successful first offering.

We are pleased that this week-long extension will give people more time to learn about our company and investment opportunity. Please help spread the word.


Christine Nielson