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Toffee's Cryptocurrency Strategy β€” 5 Days Left to Invest

on Feb 21
Founder - We're building the eBay for digital products, join us now:

Hey all, hope everyone's having a great weekend! I'd like to take this Sunday to share our crypto strategy, especially given the momentum and media coverage bitcoin has been getting these past few months.

Before we dive into the details, I'd like to note that there's less than 5 days left to invest in Toffee. Don't miss out and invest today to become a part of the next eBay!

Toffee, the primary way to earn bitcoin online.

Long ago, when we first started this project, Toffee (back then known as CoinMall) was a bitcoin-only marketplace. You could only pay & get paid in bitcoin. It made sense back then: trading digital products online goes hand in hand with a borderless, censorship-resistant digital currency.

We had to pivot since there weren't as many people using bitcoin for commerce as compared to i.e. PayPal or Stripe. Even now, less than 10% of our volume is from bitcoin, while PayPal is still the preferred payment method.

With the above in mind, I still anticipate for bitcoin to play an important role for Toffee in the future. It's oftentimes easier for customers to purchase digital products with bitcoin, while sellers prefer getting paid in bitcoin as it's non-reversible and doesn't come with additional payment processor fees.

Toffee makes it extremely easy for a digital good seller to earn bitcoin online. As soon as you sign up, the marketplace automatically generates a bitcoin wallet for you with which you can pay & get paid. When more and more people get interested in earning bitcoin online, we'll be the go-to marketplace for those people to do so.

I anticipate Toffee to on-board millions of sellers in the next few years, and we'll be providing those sellers with all the prerequisite tools and features to earn money online. Whether it's in bitcoin, PayPal, Stripe or another payment method (we're planning to add Cash App and Venmo soon!) β€” Toffee will help you make an online living.

Less than 5 days left to go before Toffee's crowdfunding campaign comes to an end. Don't miss out on joining our exciting journey and invest today!