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Pencilish Animation Studios

Two Things: HELP and CHAT with me

on Mar 4
Tom Bancroft is CEO of Pencilish Animation Studios INC and a 30 year vet of the Animation biz.

That "Help" part of the title sounds serious- it's not, it's fun, actually.  I'll get to that part later.....

First, a quick (one day before warning) update: I will be on a Youtube LIVECAST TOMORROW, Friday, March 5th at 11am Central/ 12pm Eastern/ 9am Pacific being interviewed by friend/artist/creator Scott Wiser for his show called "Directing Animation".  Scott wants to discuss what I'm doing with Pencilish so you all should be there!  Please tell your friends also.  Here's the link: Directing Animation chat with Tom Bancroft

Second: The Help part.  I'm dying to share artwork and development on the projects we are going to launch our Pencilish channel on Youtube with one day soon.  I can't though, because we are still working selecting which projects are our "roll out" series.  I just spoke with a creator yesterday and another this morning about some exciting projects.  Until the ink is dry, we will have to wait to share stuff- SO- in the meantime: I could use your opinion: I'd like to create a character that I could use for some animation pieces I want to do for some Pencilish ads to push our raise to the next level. I still don't know if I want a "Mascot" (like the Pillsbury dough boy) but I at least want to have a fun character to animate for these ads.  To that goal, I did some character designs the other day of some "IT" characters.  I call them this because the represent all of us, but don't have a race, or (sometimes) even a sex- they are anthropomorphic objects, creatures or maybe even animals.  Think Luxo Jr. for Pixar or the Minions for Illumination.  Here's the designs.  Let me know your thoughts on the subject and if there's one you like here, leave a comment with the number.  Thanks!!  -Tom B. 

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