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Due to Overwhelming Demand, We're Extending the Campaign!

on Feb 15
Founder and CEO @ Cortex - Techstars Boston 2020. Founder @ Pandemic Labs - Inc5000. Unlocking the power of the world's creators with A.I.

Hello Fam, exciting news. Our campaign has grown rapidly in the past 36 hours!

Due to overwhelming demand, the powers that be have convinced us to extend this campaign 5 more business days to allow time for everyone to get in. 

That has no negative impact on our team, and hopefully makes it easier for a few investors to join The Fam. 

It also has the side benefit of spreading out our news updates a bit more so we don't have to spam your inbox quite as intensely! 

We're beyond thrilled that so many of you have joined The Fam and look forward to closing this out at our new, final, closing date - February 22nd.