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Heroic Public Benefit Corporation

18 days till we get a shot at making history together!! (Let’s gooooo!)

on Feb 25
I am the Founder and CEΦ of Heroic Public Benefit Corporation.

My dear Heroes!!

This is Brian. 👋

Hope you’re doing great. The last couple weeks flew by in a blur of awesome over here.

I’m excited to share a quick update on all the goodness with an emphasis on our #1 WIN-target:


18 days.

It’s officially go time!!

(My heart skips a beat every time I imagine being the first company to file with the SEC on March 15th at 6:30am ET!)

We’re blessed (🙇‍♂️) to have commitments for $5.5M+ of the $5M we need to make history as the first company to ever raise $5M via crowdfunding regulations once the federal government lifts the crowdfunding limits from $1M to $5M on March 15th.

(btw1: That $5.5M is from 2,200+ investors from 73 countries. 😳) (As always: Wow. Humbled. Honored. Grateful. Fiercely committed to making you proud to be part of our Heroic movement.) 

(btw2: I finally made it through the 1,500+ notes you sent via our original intake. I'm re-reading a page a day and getting misty the *second* time through as well. 🙏)


Our Wefunder genius (thanks, Suzanna!) tells me that there’s typically a 5-10% diminution between commitments on Wefunder and *actual* investments. (Laughing as I think of heroes in the beginning tip-toeing out the back door.) (See Optimize +1 on Arambhashura.) (Literally laughing.)

Now, of course, we don’t know what our precise numbers will be, but I like to be as antifragile as I can be. So, for the sake of effectively WOOPing our target, we’re going to aim to create such a huge buffer that there’s almost no chance we come under our $5M target.

In short, we’re going to +$1M it. 🤓

We’re going to see if we can get over $6M of commitments on Wefunder. 

Practically speaking, as we’ve discussed in the Zoom chats, we’ll be able to pull extra capital from larger accredited investors into our Reg D 506(c) to fill out our $11M Seed round. 


THANK YOU for your support. Whatever amount you’ve committed to invest is locked in. Please make sure the money is officially in/moving to escrow and all that so we can make sure you get in at that amount. 

I should probably repeat this line: Please make sure the money is officially in/moving to escrow and all that so we can make sure you get in at that amount. ( 🙌) (If you're having *any* issues with this, please don't hesitate to reach out to and Mel/Patrick/Zak will help you out!)

And, if you want to invest a little (/lot) more, you can do so. And, if you have friends who you think would like to be part of making history with us, send them our way! (Pretty please.)

What else?

Oh, yes! The update.

Where to begin?

Well, in our last update, I shared the exciting news that we’ve officially partnered with MetaLab. Today I’m excited to announce that they’re officially INVESTORS in Heroic as well. (Wire hit this week.) (!!!)

As I’ve said, this is a big deal. As we’ve discussed, MetaLab created Slack, Uber Eats, and the app for Elon Musk’s new biz Neuralink. 1,000+ companies pitch them to build their products every year. They work with 40 companies a year. We’re one of them. That is, in itself, pretty awesome. But I’m even more fired up that they’ve INVESTED (🎉) as well. (Kickoff begins end of March!)

On that front, one of our investors (thanks, Zac!) connected me with the CEO of a company called Propeller Industries. Propeller is, in Zac’s words, “The MetaLab of Virtual CFOs.” (Hah.) (Seriously, though. Check out their client list. It’s astonishing.)

I had a great chat with their CEO last week. As it turns out, they also get 1,500+ companies that want to work with them a year. They go with 150. Still finalizing details but it looks like we’ll be one of them. (And, they are also thinking about investing in us. (Yay! 🎉))

I literally couldn’t be more fired up to have their team helping us architect the financial model for our business.

btw: Their CEO said that many companies come to them because they kinda “have to” because of their venture capitalists. They approach it like a chore. I told him, “Are you kidding me? This is going to be like Christmas morning. LET’S GOOOO!” (Yes, things like this get me that excited. 🤓)

In other news, we’re also chatting with an amazing digital marketing group called Thrive Digital. I asked my friend at MetaLab (thanks, Luke!) who he would recommend and he connected us to the folks at Thrive.

Again: WOW.

To put it in perspective, Uber went to MetaLab to build Uber Eats then they went to Thrive to promote it. (Thrive has also played a key role in the growth of MasterClass, Asana, Snapchat and a bunch of other companies.) We’ve REALLY enjoyed our connection with their team and we’re in the process of figuring out how we can work together for not only Heroic but also Optimize. Our team is giddy. (We’re also exploring a potential investment from them as well.)

Speaking of Optimize, we officially kicked off the next-level design/UX and tech rebuild to get us ready to pour some marketing fuel on Optimize and see if we can serve even more profoundly as we go from 10,000+ Core members and 3,000+ Coaches to 1M and 100k. Again, giddy. It’s going to be a 5-6 month process to next-level it all and CAN’T WAIT to show you all the magic that comes out of that.

What else?

That’s enough for now.

With all the Love + Self-Mastery + Courage + Wisdom I can muster, I say…



P.S. Almost forgot: Last night’s sleep score was a 92. Night before was a 94. Holding strong at a third month in a row of an all-time-high average of 90. Keeping my Soul Force Heroically Optimized remains my #1. (For curious souls: The key levers remain the 1 + 1 + 1 strategy: 1 hour of meditation in the AM + digital sunset 1 hour before bed + 1 more 15-20 minute meditation after tucking kids in!)

P.P.S. I’m already putting together the deck we’ll need to go out and raise the next $30M+ at a stepped-up valuation when the time is right. As part of that, we had our sketch artist (thanks, Yasmine!) take my chicken scratches on our Purpose + Mission / Platform / Strategy  and turn it into…