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πŸ€”πŸ’­ What Kinds of Digital Goods Can Be Traded on Toffee?

on Feb 2
Founder - We're building the eBay for digital products, join us now:

Yet another question which is asked very often: "What types of digital goods can be traded on Toffee?" 

The answer: Pretty much anything digital you can think of, that's the beauty of Toffee! Whether it's a digital file, gift card code, online service, or a programmatical action β€” Toffee helps you automatically trade it. 

Unlike other marketplaces, we don't constrain our platform to one specific type of digital product. Here's a few examples we've already seen in the wild on Toffee:

1. Self-published content: Our lead investor self-published an eBook about angel investing (which you can find here), and decided to try out our platform by listing his eBook on Toffee. With over a dozen sales, the platform has helped our lead investor automatically sell his eBook and saved him both time and money.

2. Gaming/in-game related goods: Toffee helps owners generate an income to sustain their private gaming servers. The owners list gold, upgrades, and premium in-game items on Toffee, which their userbase can subsequently automatically purchase to help directly contribute to the upkeep of the server they are playing on.

3. Access to services: Various sellers use Toffee as a payment processor for their own apps and projects. They list time-based access and credit tokens, which their customers can automatically purchase via Toffee to gain access to the app/project.

There are many more use-cases available and possible, but broadly speaking you can break it down into 4 distinct types of goods:

1. Downloadable products
2. Codes/keys/serial codes, and anything else text-based
3. Deliveries involving automated actions via IPN/API/webhook callbacks
4. Products or services which need to manually be carried out and/or delivered