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Minimum Investment & Maximum Raise

on Jan 29
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Two important changes to the campaign will be rolled out in the next week which I thought you should be aware of: the minimum investment amount, as well as the maximum raise.

Minimum Investment Amount

The minimum investment is the lowest amount you can invest in Toffee. At the moment, it's set at $100 since I wanted to make it possible for anyone to join Toffee regardless of how much they were able to invest. As the campaign comes to a close, however, I'll be increasing the minimum investment amount from $100 to $250.

Maximum Raise

The maximum raise is the total amount that can be invested in Toffee's campaign. We're currently north of $83K invested, with the maximum set at $1.07 million. Since the campaign will be closing within a month, the maximum raise amount will be adjusted to a more achievable and realistic goal, likely around the $120K-$150K mark. As soon as the maximum raise is hit, you will no longer be able to invest in Toffee.

What this means for you

If you've already invested in Toffee: nothing changes!

If you haven't invested in Toffee yet, and have been considering making an investment: Time is running out! You might want to consider making an investment now, before the above changes are implemented and we hit our maximum investment amount. I'd rather not want you to regret missing out on this opportunity, so I'm telling you well in advance of the changes being made.

Hope everyone has a great weekend ahead!