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Meet the Team! Dimitry, VP of Engineering

on Jan 25
Founder and CEO @ Cortex - Techstars Boston 2020. Founder @ Pandemic Labs - Inc5000. Unlocking the power of the world's creators with A.I.

What’s up Cortex Fam? Time to meet the team.

To make sure you guys hear from more than just me and Matt, we are filming super short-and-sweet introductory videos of other core Cortex Team members. They’ll be coming out as the campaign comes to a close over the next two weeks. I hope you enjoy seeing a glimpse into the gang behind the best investment you'll make all year.

First up is Dimitry Kudryavstev. He’s Cortex’s VP of Engineering and leads the software development team. His professional background prior to Cortex has come in quite handy having worked on artificial intelligence systems before as a contractor for the US Government and having experience with adtech at the very successful DataXu.

On the personal side, after being born in Ukraine and spending his early childhood Russia, Dimitry moved to Buffalo New York in his teens. As such, he speaks Russian and English fluently.

Also, he’s a loyal member of the Bills Mafia, loves both hockey and crossfit. And at 6’3” or so, he’s the tallest team member we have. Dimitry was based in Boston for most of Cortex’s history, but recently he spends most of his days in the great state of Texas growing out his hair to perfect his man-bun.

Coincidentally, Dimitry, Matt, and I (Brennan) were all born within 2.5 months of each other with Dimitry being the middle child. In fact, his birthday is this week. Happy bday D!

Check out Dimitry’s short intro video here on Vimeo, or watch below: