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James Bay Distillers

Export sales pending

on Jan 22
Serial entrepreneur, experienced expat having worked in a dozen countries or more, now living an hour or so from the US/Canadian border.

As some of you know, co-founder Ernie spent close to 15 years working abroad, which is why we have a unique focus on export markets, as well as our domestic sales.   Each country varies in taste for spirits, and has holidays on their own schedule (no surprise, right?) which means for us that each country has a different sales cycle.   From a practical point of view, exports help even out any US holiday spurts or dips in market demand.

We have now received an inquiry for a 20-ft container of our gins, from a buyer who has already tasted samples we shipped to his company abroad.   That is about 10,000 bottles of gin.   Another buyer has asked about adding our spirits to his company's 500 locations in his country.  And we have completed our own market survey in a third country, and all buyers found our samples "very attractive."  We will be working on additional negotiations with them as well in the coming months - all by Zoom meetings for now.   All of these buyers have been carefully vetted for us as solid, reputable companies.

We are excited by our export sales developments this past week and look forward to providing updates once our negotiations are complete.  

We look forward to having  you join with us as we expand production, distribution and reach a wider variety of markets!