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Viroment Equity

Concrete work up next on project 1 of 8!

on Jan 19

*This update is a duplicate update of the original many of you invested in before.  Milestones like this are important so we posted it over there as well!

Squeezing in the dirt work before the winter break provided us a tremendous advantage heading into the concrete. We are now first in line for concrete when the plants open up for spring construction. There are small plants that operate year-round for housing construction but not for large projects like ours.

We will receive concrete from several plants with multiple stages for the pours in late February or early March.

To give you an idea of size and scope we are building two buildings in an "H" style formation with the office and innovative filtration/dewatering of manure room in the middle (or the connector part of the "H"):

Each of the two barns is the same size as a football field including the sidelines and endzones.

The environmental improvement impact is going to be incredible! This facility will take the place of an outdated facility in the protein production grid improving the following:

  • Conserves over 8,000,000 gallons of water and re-looped for reuse on-site!
  • Creates 42 jobs supporting rural America in the agricultural heart of the USA!
  • Creates over $8,000,000 in food for the food grid!
  • Eliminates those "farm smell" odors (and carbon emissions)!

We are off to a great start! with nearly 200 investors!

If you know others that want to be part of a winning team please share this landing page or provide them this link:

Viroment Equity - Impact investing making a difference!

Thank you to all involved who have invested thus far!