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on Jan 15
Dr. Jonas founded CoPeace in 2018 after percolating the idea for more than 30 years and being part of several successful start-up ventures.

A deep note of appreciation to the WeFunder community members who participated in our campaign!!

We know our holding company concept is unique and innovative in the space, but we believe we learned that there is a strong appetite to democratize access and opportunity to the equity game. This is one way to actively solve the inequality in our world. Our team is committed to growing the value of your shares (as one of my high school friend/investors told me, failure is not an option). 

We look forward to our continued engagement. Please visit page to get alerts and suggest companies for us to consider. We will be hosting an investor meeting soon as well as introducing an engagement poll to see where everyone feels we should go from here. We are seeking more companies like Uncharted Power that actively impact our world while providing a strong potential return.

CoPeace has three priorities for 2021:

  • Continue to raise capital (we will be initiating a Reg D 506c for accredited investors next week with a minimum $48,000 investment).
  • Now that a solid foundation has been set, generate revenues through our subsidiaries while being in service to the impact and ESG space. 
  • Make more strategic, majority-owned, and wholly-owned holding investments in line with our impact-driven mission.

Thank you again for your participation in our first crowdfunding campaign. With all that is going on in the world, we like the stubborn optimism of Growing Your Money For Good™. 

Very Sincerely,

Craig and the entire CoPeace Team

PS... Click Here if you still want to join before Midnight tonight (JAN 15th)!