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Savannah Sauce Company

Savannah State University Gives Savannah Sauce Company and TigerCo Marketing Permission to hold a farmer's market on campus.

on Jan 15
V.P. New Business Development with Savannah Sauce Company.

Savannah Sauce Company and TigerCo Marketing is launching a farmer's market on the Savannah State University campus. A campus wide contest to design the logo will be conducted. We have decided to call the market University Farmers' Market as to collaborate with other local universities. University Farmers' Market will enroll in a special USDA program that accepts EBT payments to allow  low income residents access to farm fresh produce. This program also provides (2) times more spending power. For example, if a EBT shopper were to purchase produce and spent $20.00; he/she would be allowed $20.00 credit to purchase additional produce. This is designed to get EBT recipients to eat healthier. We have (30) vendors thus far. Stay Tuned for more.