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Skin in the Game

on Jan 11
Founder - We're building the eBay for digital products, join us now:

This is the final part to the question: "Why you, what's your background?". In this post, I'll be sharing why I'm absolutely convinced that Toffee will change the way digital goods are traded online.

Before we start: I'd like to give a warm welcome to the dozens of new investors that have joined us over the weekend. We've blown past the $50K minimum raise and are continuing to gain traction. I couldn't have wished for a better start to the year, and it's all thanks to each and every one of you. Onward and upward!


From the start, I was convinced that a marketplace like Toffee would appear because the way of doing things was far from good enough. It's this conviction that eventually led me to build Toffee myself, rather than wait for someone else to come and build it.

As time went by, competitors joined the space and tried to replicate the vision I had for Toffee with bucket loads of VC funding, most of them having since closed their doors. Meanwhile, Toffee continued to steadily be build and grown despite a lack of funding.

Though we've recently started to flourish, with Q4 2020 seeing a 31.7% increase in traffic to Toffee, things weren't always looking as good. We've weathered a failed funding attempt that depleted our runway and navigated other difficult startup pitfalls. More often than not, my grit and conviction kicked in during these pivotal moments.

A memorable moment came right after the failed funding attempt. With only $200 in runway left, I was offered a lucrative job at an up-and-coming startup. I knew that if I'd take this job, I'd never get to fully realize my vision for Toffee, so I took the irrational decision to stick with Toffee. The following months were brutal as I tried to attract VC funding with many rejections, though every rejection fueled my resolve to continue building Toffee.

Then something funny happened. After rebranding to and starting to grow, we got a bunch of inbound interest from VC's. By this time I'd already decided to do a crowdfunding campaign instead of an institutional round, so I politely rejected all inbound interest. I firmly believe that a crowdfunding round has far more benefits than a big bag of cash from an institutional investor, especially so at an early stage.

We have only just gotten started. The digital goods industry is lucratively huge, and I'm as convinced as when I started this endeavour. Toffee will be the best solution on the market.

I'd love for you to join us on this journey if you haven't yet. Let's make some waves and write history!

I'll be answering more frequently asked questions as the campaign progresses. If you have any questions in the meantime, don't hesitate to shoot me a message.

- Haven't invested in Toffee yet? Don't miss out, our campaign is still open for investment!
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