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Yoga Ed.

Happy New Year, Investors! We have some exciting news to kick off 2021...

on Feb 13
CRO @ Yoga Ed. Guiding growth since 2013 Full-stack dev + full-stack marketer B.S. Human Biology: Brain & Behavior, Brown U


Brynne: "Hello Investors!"

Julia: "Happy 2021! We know we've been quiet over the month of January and it's because we have some really exciting updates to share."

Brynne: "That we do. We've been working behind the scenes assessing our business and creating a critical blueprint for 2021. And, most importantly, making sure that our big vision matches our values as a business."

Julia: "You already know how important it is for us to walk the talk and not just talk the walk. Now, we are so excited to announce what a big year it's going to be for us a Yoga Ed., and also the global community that we serve."

Brynne: "Should we take them around for a little sneak peek?" (gestures to fiddle fig) "Ricardo can you get in close here? This is Fiona, she's been busy, she had a baby in 2021." (gestures to teleprompter) "We have Sheila, she's our teleprompter." (gestures to bench on set) "We have Benchi, our mini-couch."

Julia: "Our Production Specialist, Stephanie Keiko Kong." (Stephanie waves)

Brynne: "Of course we have Ricardo, but he's behind the camera. And with Ricardo and Stephanie, this makes our new production space."

Julia: "Ricardo and Stephanie are the makers of the magic behind all of the new videos you may have seen on our social channels, website, and learning management system. And with our new full-time team members at Yoga Ed., we've been able to expand Yoga Ed.'s reach as we've never been able to do before."

Brynne: "Our Production team along with our super-talented Ed. Specialists have produced a brand new course that I personally am so excited about. It's our Chair Yoga and Mindful Practices for Teens course."

Julia: "And this course couldn't be more timely. In a new report from the CDC, in 2020, there was a 25% increase in mental-health related ER visits in children, and for teens, that was a 31% increase."

Brynne: "These statistics are alarming. And that's why our team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to get this course done. And you know Julia, they did it in under 2 months' time."

Julia: "That is amazing! It used to take us... what... 6 months? –"

Brynne: " – Ricardo we're not going to talk about that – "

Julia: "– It used to take us a very long time to get things to people who need it most. And that's what we're really excited about at Yoga Ed.: the ability to put these resources (and) the team together so that we can get create these courses and classes at a time when people need it the most and deliver it to them in the online space."

Brynne: "And what was so amazing about our learnings of 2020 aside from the fact that it was a tumultuous year of a pandemic, political unrest, all of the other things that were happening was that we got to test our digital marketing strategy and our sales processes."

Julia: "I mean, it was not the most fun through it but we've come out on the other side of this pressure cooker with – what I want to say is – a diamond of processes, of understanding, to apply to 2021."

Brynne: "And a dream team?"

Julia: "And a dream team. Of course."

Brynne: "One of the hardest things for a co-founder or CEO to curate is the team."

Julia: "And, we have the metrics to show for it. We have halved our cost per lead while maintaining our traffic to lead and lead to transaction conversion rate."

Brynne: "I'm not sure if y'all speak her love language, I certainly do, but let me translate that for you all. What this means is that we got a lot more people for way less money which means more money doing really amazing and important work in the world... which is why I know that all of you are invested in Yoga Ed. And... Julia?"

Julia: "We're really excited to be projecting 100% growth again this year."

Brynne: "Because we closed out 2020 with 120% growth. Her and I, we've been doing this partner in crime thing for 8 years, we're totally confident that we have 2021 around the waist. And..."

Julia: "We're well on our way to reaching our ultimate goal of reaching 111 million youth with the yoga and mindfulness practices that we share at Yoga Ed."

Brynne: "Together, with you, by 2025."

Thank you, Investors!

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