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Cortex Adds a New Customer! - Consumer Products - Mars Agency

on Jan 12
Founder and CEO @ Cortex - Unlocking the full power of the world's creators with A.I.

The Mars Agency, a leading shopper marketing and consumer products agency, has joined the growing list of agencies relying on Cortex to bring cutting edge creative insights to their customers.

Working with iconic brands such as Nestle, San Pelegrino, Campbell’s Soup, Samsung, Pepperidge Farm, and more, The Mars Agency is on the forefront of bringing technology into the shopper marketing discipline both in physical and digital store experiences.

The Mars Agency’s creative and technology teams will be using Cortex to identify the best product images and video for e-commerce product pages and ad placements. They’ll also be leveraging Cortex data to bring higher performing creative recommendations to their client teams to shorten A/B testing cycles.

The Cortex Team is excited to partner with The Mars Agency to make in-store creative more effective both on and offline.