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fetch! Dog Treats

We've Reached Our Minimum Goal!

on Dec 18 2020
Jackie Lovern and John Griveas are co-owners of fetch! Dog Treats. Jackie founded fetch! in 2012. John is a Navy veteran and father of two.

Well, 2020 sure has been one heck of a ride. Rest assured, friends, because, with your support, next year is shaping up to be a whole lot smoother.

We want to thank you for believing in our products, our team, and our dream. Reaching our adjusted minimum target allows us to print our new packaging, get back to work building up our inventory levels with our manufacturer, and begin building national awareness of our brand through strategically targeted paid marketing initiatives. This is quite literally the best Christmas gift that our small business could receive!

Check Your Email

Please be on the lookout for an email from the team at Wefunder. Inside will be some steps that you need to take to finalize your commitment to our campaign. These steps are critical in helping us close out this first round, and you only have five days to act. We will be checking the report daily and personally contacting individuals on the verge of being removed from the investor pool as we close in on the deadline for finalizing commitments.

The Campaign Lives On

The campaign will remain active through at least February 20th as we continue the push to $250,000.00, so keep sharing with your dog-loving friends, family, and social media groups and help us continue to grow our pack. 

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, for your generosity and continued support. We are very excited to get to work on earning you a return on your investment. Now, let's get to work!