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T4L (Transportation 4 Life)

Comments from Investors

on Jan 1

I want to thank all of our investors going into 2021.  

I believe we will find 2020 as a year that had a lot of tragedy, controversy, but most importantly, the year that in retrospect will have created amazing opportunities.  It is a major turning point in Electric Vehicle adoption at all levels, a major turning point for climate awareness and correction of issues like Plastic Waste and how we have exposed the atmosphere to too much Carbon. With each subscription T4L prevents 10,000 pounds of carbon from entering the atmosphere per year. - Allen Witters, CEO

The following is a compilation of what our shareholder think about T4L:

Environmentally appealing and appears to be the easy preferred future of car ownership and use!

This is the future of transportation

People want things easy and uncomplicated in their life and our company is going to do it for them.

EVs are not a niche anymore. However in the transition period the opportunity for exclusive EV services is going to be crucial for all the EV buyers. I believe in the idea.

We want to save our environment. This investment is something customers are seeking. Thanks

I like the idea of the subscription service and use of electric vehicles.

I love this company!

I know this space has great potential. NYS has already mandated that over 53,000 level 2 charging stations be installed by 2025.

Tesla, Nissan and one stop shop. Just for the sound of it it is worth investing, as it looks like a very promising combination and service

Great initiative! Has greater potential.

Wow, Great Concept, Membership is awesome. Specially for the new generation, owning a car for them is to much work and management. That is why they like Uber or Lyft and now T4L is even better for those that are in between. I wrote a book "Branded Riches" so this is one way of Branding being Unique in your own way.

I invested because I believe that this business idea provides a service that I think people will utilize. We are going to have more and alternative energy vehicles on the road in the coming years— this makes sense

I believe it is the future for transportation.

I like this idea for loyal Tesla owners. The all inclusive convenience is a huge benefit. If fleet and government contracts are acquired the consumer market may follow. This has the potential to be a true disrupter. I’m in.

This is the future.

This is definitely the future of car purchasing. I believe in the technology and the brand.

I can see the future of what you are doing...let’s get it done.

Good concept.

This is the future of transport and being part of a upcoming business model is exciting!

Because if this grows anything like subscription business did for music and tv and movies it's gonna be massive. NOONE likes dealing with all the administrative side of car ownership as well.

Thanks for coming with this idea. I would like to know how much it costs to subscribe to a car for a year. An average car, not luxury one. Thanks

I believe in the concept and I believe in Luis Camarena's ability and focus to drive this company to succeed.

It's the future, continue the good work.

I believe this is the wave in which the future is heading and I wish to be apart of this movement.

I BELIEVE!!!!!!!

EV is the future and I believe that this offers a one stop shop for those who buy EVs

This a Benevolent Investment!! I'm so grateful to be apart this company!

Combustivel fossil sera abolido futuramnente.

I truly believe its a more convenient and up to date model to buying a car cause busy professionals do not have the time to go sit in a dealership for hours at a time to purchase a car.

Great leadership team and a service that's ahead of it's time - at the right time!

I was blown away by this genius concept.

It’s the future.

Believe in the brand and the vision of the company.

I like the idea and experience team as well. Excellent way enabling people who wants to drive Tesla or electric car at the same time serve people who don't want to handle car ownership logistics.

Solid business plan and concept in a growth market to be carried out by a successful, entrepreneurial team!

I believe that this is an extraordinary concept which solves practical needs of human transportation.

Great promoters with an excellent backbone. In my opinion, I highly recommend this investment.

I invested in T4L because I love the idea of having a one-stop-shop for all maintenance needs for my car. Tesla is the way of the future when it comes to vehicles and I'm excited to be a part of this fast-growing company. John and his team are so passionate about what T4L can do for people like me. As a mom of two little ones, I am looking for a type of car that can do it all as well as service that is second to none! Under my T4L subscription I don't have to worry about going to multiple places for my service needs - it's all there for my convenience! With a team like T4L I know my family and my car are in good hands.

Purchasing vehicles is a messy and time consuming business, never mind the on-going cost of maintenance and insurance. I would love an ALL IN ONE option, especially when it comes to a Tesla!

I was impressed by the leadership team and have high regards for Tesla products.

Looks like it may be the way of the future with the price of vehicles going up.

Tyler has always been such a talent and identifier of innovation in market. I look forward to seeing the continued progress with T4L as the transition to electric vehicle transportation increase. T4L provides an exciting opportunity to users seeking an alternative to purchasing a high priced or limited supply EV and will be a participant myself.

First of all, let me start by saying that John P. is hands down the most creative and passionate entrepreneurs I know. He is always thinking about progressive ways to improve life for his family, friends, and community. I've often wondered what drives John to pursue out of the box ideas, and I have come to believe that he is determined to make the world a better place. The vision of a brighter tomorrow is why he is starting T4L, and also why I fully support this venture. The first time I heard John talk about T4L, I was unfamiliar with the car subscription model, and had a lot of questions. He enthusiastically and effectively answered every single question that I had about T4L. Ironically enough, I am a frequent world traveler without a car of my own and I found myself thinking that this just might be the solution to my car-less problem. I walked away from that conversation sure of two things: 1) What a great opportunity T4L would be for so many people like me, and 2) John was made to bring car subscription services to the Tesla model. T4L is absolutely fueled by John and the rest of his team's passion for the people who could benefit from their services. I've seen first hand how John and the T4L team work together like a well oiled machine. They have what it takes to successfully launch this company and change transportation for life.

Tyler has been always diligent in his business dealings, astute and thoughtful. I trust his opinion and business knowledge.

A great team of people that know what they are doing, with experience to back it up, they have boiled the startup up risk out of the deal, the challenge will be growth capital and it starts here with WeFunder. Expect bold, conservative exponential growth...

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