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fetch! Dog Treats

Christmas Came Early

on Dec 14 2020
Jackie Lovern and John Griveas are co-owners of fetch! Dog Treats. Jackie founded fetch! in 2012. John is a Navy veteran and father of two.

Last week we told you about the $10,000 grant we were awarded via the Erie County Back to Business program. Well, today we have even bigger news, and this changes everything for us all!

Last week we were notified that fetch! had been chosen as recipients of the Erie County Microenterprise Loan-Grant Program. We will receive $35,000 in funds, of which $14,000 is a grant, and the remaining $21,000 is a very low-interest loan with sixty-month terms.

What this means for fetch!

As you know, we recently lowered our minimum goal and extended the campaign from its original end date to raise only the capital needed to print our new packaging, restart production with our manufacturer, and assist in some overhead costs. With this money, we can update our minimum goal again, which means we have just begun the process of closing out our first ever successful Reg CF funding round!

What this means for you

In the coming hours, or days you will once again receive an email from the team at Wefunder that will ask you to recommit to the campaign. You will only have five days to do this before the platform automatically delists you. Once you recommit and the campaign shows as being successful, you are officially a pack member!

Next steps

Please watch for the email from Wefunder. We will monitor all commitments and will contact you personally after a day or two if there is no activity to lend a hand if needed. 

We have already begun working on getting our packaging printed, and we should have full-color samples in hand by next week. Once we sign off on the new packaging we will place our full order and have everything sent over to our mid-west manufacturer to restart production.

We are using the majority of the grant that we were awarded at the start of the month to optimize our website and build out a digital strategy for Q1 2021 that is focused primarily on selling through our manufactured inventory, with elements of brand support and awareness built-in.

Thank you

It would have been incredibly difficult to accomplish our goal without your support, and we look forward to getting to work and doing everything we can to take fetch! to the next level. We are one step closer to reaching our full potential, and we are blessed to have you along for the ride. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!